New drummer Lex Bekkernens

Mangrove is pleased to announce new drummer: Lex Bekkernens!

Lex is very talented, has lots of ideas and also got the ‘ old’  Mangrove songs very well. Having Lex on board means a lot of new young energy and good vibes! Although he is our drummer in the first place, he is also a very good composer/keyboard player/pianist added to that. Check his solo work out on his own website:

We are very grateful to have had Remco Engels the last few years on the drums. Especially he added a lot of drum extravaganza to our live shows. Despite we had started working on new material, unfortunately it did not come to the completion of a new album during this period.

Let’s hope the stars will get aligned soon to get new Mangrove music out! 😉 We are up for it, we hope you are too!

More good news is that we will hit the stage again, on 1st of July our first gig with Lex will take place at ProgFrog! Give Lex a warm welcome!

See you there!


Live Prog video review

Watch this great video review from Live Prog’s Marcel Haster:

“No, this evening there was nothing to criticise about the high class of this band.”

Read this great live review from Progwereld’s Hans Ravensbergen:

“Mangrove has proven their potential for a succesful future in progressive rock music.

 In 2011, the band released two dvd’s from earlier shows.  The third one is expected this year and will contain their 2011 concert ‘The show Beyond Reality’, performed at De Boerderij. The same stage where Mangrove performed this  evening, in a double headliner show with IO Earth (UK). The main stage of the famous Boerderij has now become a well known place for Mangrove.

The band, as usually dressed in all white, gave a very solid performance. The group expressed great musical skills and ease on stage. I noted that this band has grown (again) to a new, higher level. Of course, it is no secret that Chris Jonker (keys) and Roland van der Horst (guitars and vocals) are professional performers. No minute passes without them exchanging their joy on stage. Although they have to take care not to exaggerate, I have seldom seen a band perform with such an infectious fun and joy.

In an earlier review, I wrote about the stoical, almost solistic bass player Pieter Drost. This evening, he was fully participating in all the activities on stage. But the real revelation of this show was drummer Remco Engels. From behind his rather huge drumkit, he ruled like a king. What a flexibility, sense of rhythm and subtlety in playing! Thanks to the excellent sound and light show, his drumming and the performance of the whole band was outstanding.

This show was filled with epics from their extensive catalogue. With four songs from the album ‘Beyond Reality’  and two from ‘Facing The Sunset’, the band made the most of their allotted 90 minutes. It was all delight and rock solid. The delicious keyboard work by Chris Jonker, who again came from behind his keyboards a few times to whip up the crowd, and the long, drawn out solos by Roland van der Horst. No, this evening there was nothing to criticise about the high class of this band. When will Mangrove get their reward by playing at the big festivals? ”

Read the original review in dutch HERE.

no-brainer purchases

‎”…I have no hesitation in recommending either to followers of melodic Progressive Rock. For fans of the band, both are undoubtedly no-brainer purchases…”

“Released in 2009, Mangrove’s third studio album Beyond Reality saw the band grow from being a competent, if slightly understated Progressive outfit, into fully fledged masters of the genre”

Read this full amazing review from Steven Reid on MANGROVE’s DVD releases here:

Pictures 10th anniversary show

We have selected the best pictures of Peter Vroon taken during the 10th anniversary show. Click HERE to get a nice impression of the show!

Thanks for 10 years support!

We’re looking back at a fantastic ’10th anniversary show’ with a lot of old and new fans! A big THANK YOU for the support during the last 10 years!

Grabbed by the throat

Chris was grabbed by his throat by Metal E-zine ‘Lords Of Metal’. They tried to squeeze some MANGROVE information out of him. Read the full interview HERE.

“…ein Hochgenuss…”

We are happy to read some great reviews on our first live DVD release:

“This is a splendid performance that certainly let me-one more time-relive that certain day in June of 2009. So thanks to the band and everybody involved who released this stunning concert on DVD” – Background Magazine (english language)

“…je weet wat je krijgt en dat is veel. Mangrove staat nu ook op de DVD kaart en mag daar trots op zijn.” – Lords of Metal (dutch language)

“Mangrove wissen ihre Kompositionen live stimmungsvoll und professionell umzusetzen. Vor allem die Bildregie mit längeren Motiveinstellungen und dem Verzicht auf hektische Schnitte bereitet mir Freude.” – Babyblaue Seiten (german language)

“Die DVD präsentiert die erwachsene Band in warmen Farben und ruhigen Bildern. Für die Band und ihre Fans ist die DVD gewiss ein Hochgenuss, der handwerklich und technisch rundum gelungen ist. – Ragazzi Music (german language)

It’s there!

The first Mangrove DVD release is a fact! And we are very grateful to the ones that were supporting us, thanks very much to you all!! It was a good party yesterday!

Mangrove live DVD


“A very special moment. It’s hard to describe the feeling of holding a DVD in your hand which in fact sums up all the blood, sweat and tears that have been sacrificed prior to get it this far. It’s a mixture of proud and satisfaction. Especially because everything – I mean EVERYTHING – is done by our own company ‘Mangrovian Music’! And like every new album release, this DVD is also a tremendous satisfying reward!” Chris.

Mangrove on DVD!

PRESS RELEASE – for immediate release

Mangrove DVD trio

On May 28th 2011 Mangrove will release live recordings for the first time on DVD. A special launch party will be held on this date at W2, Den Bosch (NL) to celebrate this. The DVD will be suitably entitled ‘Live Beyond Reality’.

It is all about the recordings that were made during the cd release party of the critically acclaimed album ‘Beyond Reality’ that was held at Gigant, Apeldoorn (NL) in 2009.
This DVD will be the first one in a series of three DVDs that will be released in succession. Among this series of course the DVD show at ‘De Boerderij’, Zoetermeer (NL) will also be featured. Furthermore the unique acoustic show “More or Less…” will be released on disc as part of this series.

“At first we did not intend to release these recordings on DVD. But we didn’t want to keep it away from our fans. There were some magical moments.” says Chris Jonker, keyboard player of the band that will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year.

During the last decade Mangrove has built a solid live reputation. The show in W2 Den Bosch is a unique chance to see Mangrove performing live this spring. And it is also the first opportunity to get hold of a copy of the brand new DVD.